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A couple weeks ago, I was watching Tosh.0 on Comedy Central and there was a segment about available domain names. You can find that segment below:

So, I quickly logged into my domain registrar and started trying to grab whatever I could. Hey, at the least, it’s free exposure for a domain (more on that in a bit). I blasted through all of them, but the one I was able to nab first was

Of all the names presented, this one seemed to have the best longevity. The others were kind of a “hahaha, that’s a funny domain name” type deal, but they were a one trick pony (well, with the exception of so I figured that even a year from now, this domain would still be relevant. Hell, when Daniel Tosh was criticized for his rape jokes, the hashtag #FreeTosh trended during that time. It’s got history, and that’s why this was the best domain to grab.

I wanted to get something up ASAP. I immediately decided that unsuspecting traffic would be routed towards the domain. I did the only thing I could think of. If you’ve already clicked the link, you’ll see what it is. If not, spoiler alert, I went ahead and set up a rickroll. I knew the audience would be aware of this, and it’s a prank that never gets old. To make it even more legit, I made sure that the Facebook share link and twitter share link set up a spoofed image to not tip off anyone to the true nature of the page. All in all, site went from registration to live in under 30 minutes. This was perfect because it meant the domain would be live by the time the show premiered on the west coast.

I didn’t think about it, but I forgot to set up analytics on the site at that time, so the numbers I’m about to share probably aren’t a complete insight, but they do provide me with some insight to the audience and who’s looking at this show. This occurred to me the next morning, and I plugged in a Google Analytics tracking code and made sure to set up the insights goals so I could get all that tasty, tasty info. The results weren’t surprising.

Demographics Overview

The numbers were in line with what I would expect from the show’s audience – 81% of traffic was male and 19% was female. The majority of visitors fell in the 25-34 age bracket, followed by 18-24.  Ages 35+ accounted for less than 17% of the total traffic, which means people my age don’t really give a fuck about this show (or it means I’m in touch with the younger crowd, who knows).


Movie lovers, technophiles and TV lovers took the top 15% of traffic, which is a no-brainer. 6% of you frequent dating services. The same number are job-seekers. 2% show an interest in urban markets and hip-hop.

Social Reach

My Facebook sharing succeeded, with 56% of all social coming from this platform. The remainder was from twitter, and there were 3 lonely shares from reddit (none coming from me). Sorry for the karma loss.


Chrome was the winner here. 50% of all users were using this browser. Shockingly 4% of you still use Internet Explorer and 1 user went to the site on his Nintendo DS. Desktop still leads in views with 54% of all traffic and mobile at 39% – the rest was all from tablets, which is a trend I’ve noticed lately. Tablets are dead. The numbers don’t lie.

So, this was a fun little exercise and I’m glad that I had an opportunity to do some data mining. It shows that the show knows their core audience and pretty much caters to this group.

If you’re interested in purchasing this domain, it’s not for sale. I don’t want to profit off of someone else’s idea, but I will gladly continue to rickroll unsuspecting visitors from now until forever.