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I posted something on twitter today, and I have since removed it because I realized that I was being hypocritical to an extent.

I decided to write this post to further discuss what’s going on because 140 characters isn’t enough to properly convey the message I was intending to make.

Originally, I tweeted about how I was upset with a local agency who has been passing off others work as their own. This is an agency that I had some interaction with, and one of the reasons I no longer work with them is because of this shady practice of lying to their clients and passing off work as being done in house. That’s for another blog post, but the point I was trying to make is that this is pretty rampant in the digital age.

I was soon called out by my friend @bentist who called bullshit on something I had posted in my own portfolio. I posted a project where I had stated that I had “designed and developed” a project from the ground up. I also credited it to working with a team, but it came across as being disingenuous  because it implied that I had been more involved in the design process than what I really was. I owned up to that, because it did come across that way, and I apologize for not being as clear as I could. I updated my portfolio to reflect that, and it was really because I use the term “design” interchangeably with “architecting” and taking more of a creative approach to how I build and develop my projects. I’m sure this irks designers, but it’s just how I talk.

So, I’m not going to make any excuses. I was a douchebag, and I apologize.

The truth is, the majority of projects that I’ve worked on have been a team effort and I have always been forward in discussing past projects in a manner in which I give credit where credit is due. This has been especially important in the agency environments that I’ve worked in, where working as a team has always been key to getting projects done in a timely manner.

Behind all of my projects is a great designer who I work with to execute my projects. So, this has prompted me to make a change to my portfolio. Unless a project is under my “personal” category, it should be assumed that I worked with a team on the other projects. There are more people involved in launching a site than just the developer. There are designers, there are project coordinators and managers and of course, there are the clients. All of these people work together to make ideas into reality.

So, bringing me back to my original point, the so-called agency that I originally called out.

I knew from working with them that there were some less-than-ethical representations they were making. One of the ones that always made me upset was passing off development work as their own. The truth was that a lot of times they would lowball bids and then pass it off to some freelance developer who would do the work for whatever price they could afford.  Then they make an announcement that they launched a new website and pass it off as being developed by them in house. Meanwhile, the developer who actually did the project gets zero recognition.

tl;dr – I called out a company on their bullshit, someone called me out on mine. I took the high road and apologized, they continue to screw over their developers.