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Rubber Duck Debugging

What is rubber duck debugging? Have you ever spent hours trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with your code, only to find out later on that you forgot to put a comma somewhere, or you spelled the function name wrong?…

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My Thoughts On Code Schools

Every week, it seems like I hear about a new code school opening somewhere in the country. As someone who has been a programmer for a long time, it’s very exciting to see these types of programs popping up. NY and LA are the hot spots for rockstar development,...

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Working with the Bloomsky API in PHP and Javascript

Have you heard of BloomSky? Up until a month ago, I hadn’t heard of them either until my brother clued me in to their existence. The tl;dr is that BloomSky is a solar-powered weather station that connects to the web and updates weather data for your...

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My Intro to Spredfast

As part of a development project we’re working on at SPARK, we’ve partnered with Spredfast¬†to help us grab user content from twitter, facebook and instagram so we can repurpose it for our clients web presence. After working with this platform for awhile,...

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The death of Flash is coming

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like by 2016, Flash will all but be a distant memory. I started my career in the world of interactive as a Flash developer back in the year 2000. Flash rapidly rose through the ranks as the defacto programming tool for...

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